Next up on East Project we bring back one of our favourite producers from South America - DOGREEN. And he brings with him all of his best mates to produce a 5 track EP that bangs at every beat!

Introducing the “Dogreen - The Green Stuff” EP

Lead track “I Feel Fire” is produced with Klle Dawid and Dogreen’s alter ego, Fugere, who create a deep, dark and moody Tech House monster that will go down well in any kind of set. Next up Background joins in on the production duties and they produce “Back Green” - a deep flowing groove that swings in all the right places. “Fooling Around” heads back down a more Tech-y route, creating a dark vibe that Fellini and Dogreen can be proud of!

The penultimate track is produced alongside Milo & Moss and is full of deep, twisted rhythms that help reset the mood before the final track - “Pieces in My Mind” created with Bass In A Box - builds and drops to finish this EP off in glittering fashion.


The Green Stuff

Catalog# EP016
Release date: