There is a definitely a French flavour to the 11th release on East Project and what better way than to bring in the New Year with an EP full of techy twisted house beats?!

Introducing the Filthy French – Jackin' EP

The Filthy boys produce 3 original tracks that each hit the spot in their own way…. Lead tune "Jackin" does exactly what it says on the tin! While "Golden State" uses twisted vocal snippets to bring its slow bass funk to life and "My True Game" is simply deep, dark and sleazy beats at their best!

On remix duties, Antony Toga works his magic on "Jackin" and gives it a more looping techy edge with huge breakdown, while Cosella splashed his uplifting beats and vibes all over "Golden State".

Filthy French

Jackin EP

Catalog# EP011
Release date: