East Project stick with the recent tech house vibes of previous releases and kick off 2016 with an absolute belter of an EP, thanks to the excellent talents of London based DJ/Producer, Elijah Collins…

Introducing the 'Elijah Collins – I'll Do Me' EP

Elijah unleashes two tech house monsters in the shape of lead track 'I'll Do Me' and 'My Song' on the B side. Both straight forward in their approach and yet full on in their delivery, mixing energetic techy beats with vocal snippets that will keep you locked into their groove!

On remix duties for 'I'll Do Me', Matteo Rosolare & Jojo Angel have created an extended twisted version of the lead track that just seems to build throughout and leave you wishing it would never end, whilst Black Birdz slow 'My Song' down, giving the beats more space to breath and adding in some huge breakdowns and drops that are guaranteed to send the dancefloor crazy.


Elijah Collins

I'll Do Me EP

Catalog# EP012
Release date: