“It was deep, it was soulful, it was techno, it was disco, a kaleidoscope of sounds, it was truly underground. I must have went to house heaven, because nothing’s that divine.” Well thanks, Roland Clark, but that’s a bit much. You were probably just listening to a Quinten 909 DJ-set.
Quinten 909 has earned his stripes over the years in the Dutch and international club scene with recurring shows in Amsterdam clubs AIR and NYX, his own bi-monthly event BLOCKPARTY in Chicago Social Club and a long list of international gigs from Ibiza to Paris to Warsaw and many more.
His productions and fast-passed DJ-sets range from funk to soul to disco to deep to gangster and tech, all supported by heavy house beats. Quinten never plays a one-genre DJ-set, which sets him apart from other DJ’s but makes him a perfect fit in every line up.
He releases on labels from veterans Kolombo (Loulou Records) and Sharam Jey (Bunny Tiger) and his tracks get support from the likes of Miguel Campbell, Teenage Mutants, Giom, Treasure Fingers, Loulou Players and many more.

Quinten 909 (UK Bookings)

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